About Us

Hello! Welcome to my shop. I am Ashley Slayden the owner of The Pink Magnolia. I am a wife, mother and now business owner. After being a stay at home mama for 17 years and my husband retiring from the USMC I found it time to chase my dreams.  My favorite things in life are working out, watching trash TV (insert all Real Housewives here) and raising my babies and NEVER missing any of their sporting events. 

Being a USMC wife for 17 years we traveled around the US. We have lived in NC, MS and Ca. My grandma (who was also a USMC wife) used to tell me the duty station you dislike is the one you are at until you leave then it's the one you miss the most. I never realized how true those words were until we started moving around. MS wasn't my favorite duty station but it has a piece of me forever. Which is part of how I got the name The Pink Magnolia. When I think of a Pink Magnolia Ii think of the south and it takes me back to some of the happiest days of my life.